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Adult League Hockey

Adult League Hockey

Upcoming Season Information

2020 Winter Adult League Hockey Season

Winter 2020 Adult League Schedule

January 5th, 2020 – March 15th, 2020

  • Games will be on Sunday evenings
  • 10 week season – including playoffs
  • Ringer Rule will be in effect for all “B” and “C” games
  • Beer Punch-cards available

The earlier we get registrations the sooner we will have teams and schedules put together. You can register online and does not require payment and helps us know who will be playing!

Come in to the Glacier in person or call over the phone to pay

Register and pay by December 29th for a discount!

  • Pay by December 29th: $248 per player – $164 per goalie
  • After December 29th: $276 per player – $181 per goalie

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A League

B League

C League

  • Seasons usually run about 10 games

  • A & B league games will be on Sunday evenings

  • C league Games will be on Sunday evenings with the possibility of some Monday night games

  • When registering, please put the team name and league on the registration form. If you do not have a team please put “No Team” and then what league you would like to play. Eg: Any Team A

  • Register to play on a specific team or ask to be on a random team.

  • Adult League is a BODY CONTACT league. This means pushing and shoving is allowed but there is NO CHECKING!!!


All players must be registered with USA Hockey prior to playing. You can do that here.

Register online now, or at the Glacier, or by calling 970-242-7465

The Glacier Ice Arena Adult League follows the 2017-2021 USA Hockey Rulebook

Game Format

3 15:00 periods

Periods 1 & 2 are running clock

Period 3 will be stop clock unless the mercy rule applies

Tied games will go on to a 5:00 minute, 4 on 4, sudden death Overtime. Teams will not switch ends for overtime.

Games tied at the end of overtime will end in a tie.

DURING PLAYOFFS overtime will be followed by a best of 3 shootout, followed by a sudden death shootout.

2017-2021 USA Hockey Rules and Regulations

Delayed Off-sides

Body Contact Category – No Checking


If one team is up by 5 or more goals at any time during the third period the game will go to running time. If the goal differential falls below 5 goals then stop time will be reinstated.

RINGER RULE (B & C Leagues Only)

We understand that people want to choose which team they play on. Remember, the C League is a lower level/entry level league. If you choose to play in the C League you are subject to the Ringer Rule.

You are allowed to score 3 goals per game. For every goal you score after that you will receive a 2 minute minor penalty and the goal will be disallowed.

If you violate the Ringer Rule twice in a single season you will be moved onto a team in the league above you.


ATTENTION! The Glacier Ice Arena has a liquor license! This means ABSOLUTELY NO outside alcohol is allowed into the rink! Draft beer will be available for purchase at your game.

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