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The Glacier Ice Arena

Dangle Berries


Winter 2019 Dangle Berries Roster

Number Player Position
  Chris Birdsong  
  Nick Burge  
  Dan Collins  
  Sam Knoll  
  Jaden Koos  
  Carson “Frosty” Linnnnnick  
  Mark Papko  
  John Sharkey  
  Ben Smatla  
  Donovan Watson  
  Cam Gol(d)ie G


Game Schedule & Results

Date Opponent  
1/6/19  Zombies W 13-7
1/6/19  Shockers W 11-7
1/20/19  Shockers 8:00pm
1/27/19  Shockers 4:15pm
2/10/19  Zombies 8:00pm
2/17/19  Zombies 6:45pm
2/24/19  Shockers 5:30pm
3/3/19  Zombies 6:45pm
3/10/19  Zombies 5:30pm
3/17/19  Shockers 6:45pm


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