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Welcome to our calendar page

Subscribe to our calendars to have up to date goings on right there on your phone. Whenever we make changes they will appear within moments. No more missing practices or public skate sessions by mixing up the times.

How to use the calendars.

  1. Start by visiting this page on the device where you want the calendar (like your phone).
  2. Use the categories to select the events you want to keep track of.
  3. Hit the subscribe button at the bottom. 
  4. Follw any instructions on screen.

***For iPhone/iPad***

  1. Hit the subscribe button.
  2. Select “Add to Apple Calendar” (This is important to make sure calendar updates when changes are made)
  3. Wait a second or two for pop up.
  4. Hit subscribe.

That’s it! Your phone calendar will now be your place to stay up to date on your Glacier Ice Arena times.

Alternatively, you can follow the instructions above without selecting a category and have the entire Glacier Ice Arena schedule right there on your phone.

In either case, when we make changes, you’ll know immediately.